How to create, optimize & LOVE your unique nutrition strategy for effortless fat loss without restricting any foods!

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If you’re meticulous about your food choices, but you’re still not burning fat, it’s time to ask: “Can my nutrition do more?”

  • You’re tired of trying the new best thing - just to realise all of the pieces of advice you’re getting are contradicting themselves and you’re back at square one.
  • You’re eating your greens, cutting down on sugar, carbs and fat and, yet, the scale isn’t budging
  • You’re fed up with succumbing to your sweet cravings daily, which you know are the sole reason for you not to be toned and lean already! 
  • You’re constantly needing to be “good”, saying no to treats & feeling deprived, which is costing you your energy & happiness. 
  • You crave a simple, manageable and quick step-by-step approach that actually works for you. And dream you had countless snack & meal ideas up your sleeve!
  • Every food choice you make you want to KNOW will contribute to your toned body - no need to worry about what you ate last night or how many calories you'll have to burn later!
  • You want to be energised so that you can say goodbye to the 3 pm slump & sweets cravings that come along with it!
  • You want to burn fat consistently without restricting any foods so that you can have the dessert at the fancy restaurant without the guilt!
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‘Cause you know if you’d only figure out what & how to eat, you’d be the person you’ve always wanted to be!

  • You want to be like that one friend who orders the cheesy pizza without blinking twice & has never gained a pound in her life.
  • You want to show off your amazing personality by shining in your fashionable & fitted clothes, but you avoid the changing rooms at all costs to stay clear of unnecessary disappointment.
  • You’d kill for being able to say yes to a spontaneous pool day, rocking your swimsuit & sipping on a mojito, without having dieted for 2 months prior.
  • You just want to eat normally and maintain your best body at the same time, cause you know you can't keep eating less and less.
  • You dream of the day that food, your best weight & body are just natural to you, and you don't need to think about it at all anymore.
  • You want a daily routine that’s healthy, but doesn’t need to look like another online content creator’s - no need to be strict, restrict & punish your body after a night out.
  • You wish you'd finally figured out your body & how to work with it! No. More. Fighting.
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I promise you*, this is all possible!

Hey there, I'm Alexia! I'm a nutritionist, personal trainer & health and mindset coach. 

Only a few years ago, I was constantly fighting against my body & feeling exhausted, without seeing ANY results. I have tried every single diet out there, went vegan, tried intermittent fasting, I have cut down my calories drastically and overexercised - all without lasting success... 

Now, I have come out the other side! I can lose & maintain my weight easily, eat all foods & feel energised because of my unique nutrition strategy. 

You don’t need to lose weight to look a certain weight (you’re perfect the way you are, girl!) BUT I vouch for you & support you if you choose to look and feel your best. And you’re allowed to achieve your toned confident body without going on a detox, or missing out on life, and do it the healthy way!

And this is how it’s done! 👏🏼

(Mic drop, please)

By applying scientific evidence to your nutrition while making it flexible, unique to you, simple & delicious so you actually stick to it! No pushing, no battling. Just nourishing your body and soul (hehe, chocolate is still a must!).

I am going to teach you all of what you need to know to optimise your metabolism for fat loss, minimise cravings & maximise satisfaction. All the hacks & tricks!

This is the step-by-step method I have mastered and have been teaching to countless women over the last 3 years so they create their own unique nutrition strategy. This is ALL you need to stop restricting AND get real lasting body results!


NOURISH the lean you, the program, will help you navigate the kitchen, eating out & travelling to burn fat without cutting out any foods in 4 only weeks! 

Look, meal plans, diets & weight loss supplements only work until they don’t. What happens once you get bored of your plan? Are you going to be on a diet for the rest of your life? Will you ever just be “normal” again? 

Or do you just have to give up on your dream to feel amazing in your body!?

I'm here to tell you it doesn’t have to be one or the other! You can be normal, enjoy your meals & treats AND still reach your best body easily.

With your unique nutrition strategy, you can adapt your choices to every situation, and make it work for YOUR body, preferences & lifestyle. It’s like learning how to ride a bike, once you’ve learned it, you cannot unlearn it! This is yours forever.

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Don't just take it from me! Check out what these amazing women have to say!

Find out what's possible from others who've already created & implemented their strategies.

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Actionable practical steps, adaptable to you
Education & guidelines - a strategy
Deep understanding of WHY
Hacks, tips& tricks
Recipes for inspiration
Mindset shifts
Personal support
Implementation program

Not into this

Another fad diet
Restrictive diet
Counting calories
Counting "points"
A detox
A 30-Day meal plan
A prescriptive diet
A quick fix

The Detailed Breakdown

Goal Setting That Empowers You

In this module, you'll learn the fundamentals of weight loss, and the timeline of getting results for your specific body! This is the time to set yourself up for success by harnessing a string mindset and realistic goals that will keep you on the ball. You'll never doubt whether you're on track or off trach ever again.

Eating According To Your Specific Body (Calories & Macros).

You are unique. No-one has the body, lifestyle and preferences that you have, and therefore your nutrition strategy needs to be unique too - staring with calories all the way down to macro & micronutrients. You'll be done comparing yourself to others and you'll be 100% sure what is right for YOU, your body and your goals.

The Impact of food & How to Optimise Your Metabolism with Your Meals.

There's a method to the madness, and a few simple hacks to HOW you eat (timing, composition & quantity of meals) will optimise your metabolism for fat loss, and you'll ditch cravings and say goodbye to 3pm energy slumps. This is where you'll go from "being a victim" of how you feel and making decisions in a hangry state to being in control of your food choices!

The "Right" Ingredients & Food Items.

Learn what foods are actually good for fat loss, and how you can make them a part of your regular diet without spending the big bucks, relying on supplements to ensure you're getting all nutrients or having to overthink every food choice. Plus, you'll also learn how soul foods (aka. chocolate & chips) get a place in your balanced, healthy & results-driven nutrition strategy.

Optimised Meals in Every Setting.

In this module, you'll learn the keys to creating meals that actually keep you full, fully satisfied & help you burn fat in the long run. You'll know exactly how to optimise meal composition, portion sizes & snacks at home and on the go (even when you're travelling and you haven't planned ahead). No meal plans, just a string adaptable strategy that works no matter where you are and what foods are available.

Your Overall Diet, Strategising Soul Foods & Balance.

I said it before and I'll say it again: Not every meal needs to be perfect. However, to lose weight, get toned & actually keep it off, balance requires some strategy too. You'll learn how to include soul foods into your diet, how to deal with appetisers, desserts & alcohol ('cause we still want to live life and be normal, right!?), and how to harness the power of chrononutrition. No more guilt and frustration after a night out, it all has a place and time in your diet!

Your Unique Nutrition Strategy.

In this module, it all comes together and you get to create your unique nutrition strategy that fits into your lifestyle, your routine, your preferences, and most importantly your body & goals. No more doubting, overthinking, feeling overwhelmed by the misinformation online. You are the boss of your diet, and you f*cking OWN IT! Fat loss results? Only a few weeks away.

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Program Price: $450

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What you get

  • 7 modules
  • Recipes, tips & cheatsheets with clear action steps every week
  • Lifetime access to the recorded content + resources



Available upon request. Super limited spots. DM or email ([email protected]) me to request.

Investment: $1300

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What you get

  • Everything that’s included in the program
  • + a background questionnaire
  • + 3-day food diary review
  • + 1 60min 1:1 coaching call to workshop your personalised nutrition strategy & catapult your success!
  • + Voxer support (Voxer = app like WhatsApp for coaching), where you can ask questions, request feedback, and brainstorm ideas & strategies with me. These are 4 weeks of intensive personal support. It's me being IN your everyday life, in your pocket & helping you reach your goals.

I’m so adamant about NOURISH, I’ll die on this hill!

  • Individual support is non-existent in all nutrition courses. I will personally give you feedback on your nutrition & meals, all of your questions will be answered & I will keep you accountable!
  • REAL LIFE is key! No picture-perfect meal plans that are so unrealistic it hurts. You won’t have to buy a $$$ juicer and start intermittent fasting to be Instagram-healthy. This is a program for real women with real lives & real desires. 
  • This is not about CHANGING everything you eat & cutting out all of your favorite foods. It is about tweaking your already loved meals to help you tone your body.
  • This isn't a knowledge course where you'll learn all the science of nutrition, it's a SKILL-BASED PROGRAM! By the end, you will be able to make healthy meals & order the right dishes to optimize your metabolism to get & stay toned!
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