“I would recommend Alexia to everyone struggling with emotional eating who’s committed to taking action and becoming more conscious about their way of functioning. The program is SO well structured and organized; the amount of information she’s giving you is crazy and explained in such an easy way. She’s giving you the kind of wisdom you’ll always remember. All in all, I would have never believed that my way of eating would change that much because I didn’t actually CHANGE a lot in my daily life. It’s my mindset that changed, loads of self-awareness and self-love, and I couldn’t thank Alexia more for that.”

Lynn B., 25

“I feel like a new person. I don’t define myself by the shape of my body or the number on the scale. I’m free to enjoy my life without judging myself or tearing myself down. For that, I’m eternally grateful to you!

The method was absolutely perfect for me. Going into it I didn’t expect the focus to be so much on my relationship with myself and healing that in order to heal my relationship with food. It definitely did help me achieve my goal of healing my relationship with food, and I’m convinced it’s the only way to actually achieve goals.”

Liebelei L., 32

“I am so much more aware of how I feel after meals and what makes me feel good. I’ve cut back on alcohol and feel at ease not trying to force myself to do intense exercise. I’ve stopped fearing carbs so much and have learned to incorporate them without so much guilt or feeling like I’m being “bad”.”

Marie T., 30

“Alexia is great! She is dedicated to her clients and provides tangible guidance for the mind and body. I now have a better understanding of nutrition for weight loss without restriction. And I have more motivation.”

Emily H., 42

“I have felt a huge shift in my mindset so now I feel much more confident about losing weight in a balanced weight so that I enjoy food and actually listen to my body more.”

Denise R., 29

“So proud, I enjoy life again and not everything is about being healthy and eating only things that are good for your body anymore. Soul foods are for my personal happiness so important too and now I know how to strategise them. I really feel relieved and good knowing that I'm doing the right things that are good for my body!”

Natalie M., 26

“Coaching with Alexia has helped me see clearly that I could achieve my goals and still eat my favourite foods. I also became more conscious about everything else that's not directly food-related. This goes way beyond nutrition. It was life-changing for me.”

Jil H., 28

“I feel so much lighter and positive about the way in which I eat and exercise. I know that I have the strength that my body needs and that I have the power and knowledge to make healthy choices without restricting myself in any way!”

Anna S., 26

“The weekend before last, I went shopping with my mum and compared to 3 months ago, I am down 2 full sizes. I simply tried on the clothes and everything fit perfectly, and I felt good in all of these clothes! That was phenomenal!”

Lisa D., 36

“I feel so much better in my body. I have never thought of my body as "beautiful" or "desirable", but now that's exactly what I do when I look in the mirror (most days at least). I lost 3.5 kg (my goal was 3 kg), and I know how to go on to lose the last 1-2 kg. Due to the personalised exercise program, I have gained muscle without over-exercising and my belly, arms and thighs are more toned. I am struggling much less with my motivation because I don't do the sessions I used to do (1.5-2 hours of cardio and HIT). My longing for snacks has also dramatically decreased compared to my initial situation and I can have them around me without binging and feeling horrible afterwards. Instead, I can simply just have some (if I want to) and stop there. In the beginning, it sounded all too good to be true. Eating burgers, pasta, rice, cookies without gaining, but losing weight. But that is exactly what happened because I stuck to the strategy and made myself accountable (instead of the surroundings). I feel empowered.”

Sarah D., 28

“I am beyond happy about my healed relationship with food, it is honestly the most altering part for me because that empowerment leads me to know I can do anything else. I have come so far from where I started with just that in mind alone. As it relates to my body image, also something that I have been proud of lately, every day isn't perfect but that will never be the case. I am kinder to myself and actually see the results now. Before I was very much blinded by my relationship with food and my poor image of myself. I am so much more confident in myself and how I am nourishing my body - it’s no longer a chore, I can just enjoy my food. This mindset I know has affected different aspects of me because I am no longer triggered by things that I used to be, and I don't set goals related to external factors, rather I set them for myself and at a pace I know I can achieve.”

Natalie C., 31

After years of craving pasta at all meals, being in an all-or-nothing mindset & thinking I had to get in a “clean mindset” to take “any clean action,” I reconnected with my satiety feeling! I lost 6 lbs, and I am confident that I will lose more when I continue to apply all that I have learned! Thank you so much for being so positive & opening this door to me with a new vision of nourishing oneself. It is very freshening to look at those weight loss problems from a different perspective, starting with a releasing restriction phase. Being in a group is also motivating, and it's enrichening to listen to other people being live coached because It can resonate with what we live and feel.”

Anouck M., 34

“I wasn’t convinced it would work for me in the long run. But the sessions were always fun and constructive, and she really helped me see opportunities where I saw challenges. It was a real pleasure working with Alexia. I went in with a “let’s see” attitude and have been surprised by how transformative this program has been. I have taken over full ownership of my nutrition but the benefits go way further: increased energy, better sleep quality, reduced back pain and overall feeling better and happier with myself.”

Philippe D., 55

“Having struggled with my weight and physical appearance since my teenage years, and only feeling really good through my pregnancies, Alexia helped me get confident again. I now feel better in my body and eat more consciously. After many failed attempts, consulting a doctor and a nutritionist, I never really managed to lose weight and feel good. With Alexia’s coaching, I learnt to listen to my body and clearly know how much food I need. I also learnt to love my body, and not feel ashamed, and finally lost weight and still eat a piece of chocolate here and there. Alexia is a great person and coach, and I am so happy to have had the courage to apply to work with her.

Steph, 40

“I was afraid of being given a step-by-step plan, having to count calories or measure each ingredient in order to prepare your meal. Alexia taught me how to make balanced meals without cutting out pizza, pasta, hamburgers, or anything else. At the same time, we worked on my mindset. She asked questions that made me feel a bit uncomfortable so I had to really dig into the cause of the problem. All of this has helped me to reach my goal and to be able to live life freely and eat what I want without gaining weight and blaming myself. Now, I feel good about the way I look, I have gained confidence, and I dare to wear tight sports trousers, leggings, or tight dresses.”

Laura C., 30


“Thank you, Alexia! I felt so bad in my body and totally powerless against the diet dogmas that have been surrounding me since I was a child. I was able to learn to listen to my body more, what I need and when I need it. Now, I feel light and have control over my eating habits in contrast to a few months ago, when food controlled me.”

Caroline B., 34

“Working with Alexia is one of the best decisions I have ever made and so much more than I could have hoped for. I signed up because after almost 20 years of struggles it was time to heal my relationship with food. The amazing thing is that we didn’t spend our time talking about food diaries and exercise routines. She taught me the strategy, but rather we go deep and I’m learning so much about myself. I’m healing my relationship with food by healing my relationship with myself.

Hannah J., 34

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